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Egyptian Revolutions

Egypt, which is the largest Arab nation-state, has never been a free country. Invariably, the country has had the misfortune of being ruled by a Pharaoh, governor or a dictator. In ancient times, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony entered into alliances with its queen Cleopatra in order to further Roman interests. In modern times, America has come to occupy the position which Rome once did. Given America’s one-sided foreign policy in the Middle East  (which favours Israel and discriminates against the Arabs), keeping Egypt in chains under a dictatorship is what suits “the west” the most. In return for a subservient Egypt disgracefully governed by someone such as Hosni Mubarak, Washington is also able to manipulate its influence in the Arab world to safeguard the interests of its Israeli proxy. Were Egypt free and on the offensive (not necessarily in the military sense) against Israel, then the house of cards upon which America’s hegemony in the Middle East rests would surely fall.

The idea that Egypt has perpetually been a nation in chains is notionally repudiated by certain events in her history during the period 23 July 1952 – 28 September 1970. Equally, one can predate the Revolution to 15 January 1918 as this is the date on which Gamal Abdel Nasser was born. Continue reading

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