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Khwaja Sarwar Hasan: founder of the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs

This entry prefaces the editor’s intention to expand this website so that the work of The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) can be included in this site’s content. Therefore, prior to launching the PIIA pages, it is only apt to remember the achievements of its founder Khwaja Sarwar Hasan.

Khwaja Sarwar Hasan was born in Panipat on 18 October 1902. His illustrious family had lived in Panipat since the days of Emperor Balban. Educated at the Muslim University Aligarh and the University of Cambridge, he was called to the bar of England and Wales at the Middle Temple. For a few years he practised law at Aligarh and later become Professor of Law at Delhi University where he taught for 14 years. He was closely associated with civic life in Delhi and was a municipal commissioner of the city.

In his youth he was deeply influenced by Muslim nationalism in the subcontinent and became a staunch supporter of the Pakistan movement. Continue reading

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