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In Memory of Ali Akber and Muhammad Hussain

Fatehyab Ali Khan is buried in Ali Bagh in Lyari, Karachi, Pakistan. Although he was not a Shia by birth, Fatehyab identified himself with the tragedy of the massacre of Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) family at Karbala. Ali Bagh is also the resting place of Khwaja Sarwar Hasan who was the founder of The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs.

The secular and harmonious country which Mr Jinnah promised us on 11 August 1947 is sadly now in a tough predicament and the murder of two young brothers named Ali Akber and Muhammad Hussain who were the caretakers of Ali Bagh is a real tragedy.

Ali Akber and Muhammad Hussain were the sons of Abbas Bhai whose family has overseen the maintenance of Ali Bagh for generations. Both men were murdered, executed in fact, under the two Alams which adorn the famous Shia burial site of Ali Bagh. Now the family wish to emigrate to Iran where Shias are not threatened.

According to the Shia Post (please see the story entitled “Two Shia Brothers Killed in Karachi here) the murders were committed by terrorists of Nasabi-Wahabi organisation on 23 July 2011 (a Saturday night).

It is a great shame that there is such intolerance in Pakistan nowadays. The murderers of Shias seem to get away with their crimes which the state has thus far failed to control or bring to justice.

Just how long can such lawlessness and intolerance be tolerated? Muhammed Hasan who was not present when his brothers were murdered said that his family just do not know how to cope with their tragedy. He also said that the family wanted to live in a country where Shias were not murdered and where there was due process for citizens which enabled people to get legal remedies for their problems and grievances.

Ali Akbar and Muhammed Hussain's coffins

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